Radical Relationship Relief: 5-Part Audio 
Self-Shift Series 
with Shawn Mahshie 
Hosted by Dr. Susan Pierce Thompson
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Whatever or whoever upsets, scares or saddens you absolutely holds the key to greater peace, freedom and happiness -- and a warm dependable connection to yourself and the very person or situation that triggered you.
With this MAJOR SHIFT in paradigm, 'problems' look and feel radically different and can shift to being hopeful, solvable, friendlier and MUCH more fun!
Results you can expect from this ground-breaking series:
  1. Begin to Use FEAR, ANGER, SADNESS as your direct link to PEACE, CLARITY, and JOY
  2. Reliably Discover a Loving Connection to Your Self and to the VERY People and Situations that Trigger You
  3. Revolutionize your Relationship to All Your Relationships--Including Time, Money, Your Body....
Do you believe that relationships are just something to be tolerated, in which you can only do what you can to minimize the pain, or find a way through without pissing people off?
What if it doesn’t have to be that way?
What if you could find a way to clear up hell-on-earth and found yourself in heaven—in love with the one in front of you no matter how they are showing up, and most of all with yourself?
​Reliably. ​

With no exceptions.
What if EVERY SINGLE TIME someone or something seems to bring you pain, the painful parts can turn into far more than 'blissed out' meditative states or truly connected moments?

The Radical Relationship Relief Transformation Series you’re "holding in your hand" right now is the key to that place.
You'll find out how to capitalize on these painful states as 'kind teachers' that reliably lead you to HUMOR, CURIOSITY, GRATITUDE, and LOVE for the people and situations that most upset, scare, or sadden you.
Things can be so much better, easier, funnier, happier, closer, and more amazing than you realized.
About the Presentor
Shawn Mahshie
Founder, ClarityWorks LLC
Shawn's clients are bowled over by the tanglble and lasting shifts they get srom her deep but efficient way of using the very things that upset them to arrive at a dependable kind of peace and delicious connection with self, others and life - with absolute reliability.
After a highly visible career facilitating critical shifts for schools, businesses, even governments worldwide via her writing, public speaking and leadership, Shawn's seemingly idyllic life crashed under the weight of chronic illness/pain, relationship/food addiction, and severe co-dependence and divorce.
Thanks to her happy emergence via deep self-inquiry, she is now creating a body of work around the "Symmetry of Self-Love" that altered her (and now her clients') relationships, health and business success.
A highly-respected coach, author and teacher (who often helps other leaders, coaches and entrepreneurs shift remaining blocks to dependable peace, self-solidarity and prosperity), Shawn is known among those she works for facilitating, modeling and mentoring self-inqury on an intimate, fun and fearless level - with much warmth, compassion and a keen understanding of the nature of thought. 
She is also a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie and Author of the forcoming book, The Reliable Symmetry of Happiness: The Missing 'Peace' We Were Never Taught.
Some words from Participants in the Live RRR Webinar from which this
Series was created 
  • “Guilt is flowing away, courage is coming, happiness is setting in big time! Loving and forgiving myself, others and my present circumstance! How did this happen? I'm really getting the happy part of 'happy, thin and free.' Amazing transformation.  Much work to do but really on my way!"  
  • My life has taken a dramatic turn with just the little time I've spent in this webinar series. I can't wait to get the audio recording--I could listen to it again and again, and hear something new every time!  I speculate what it might be if I continue with a little real work with you, Shawn.  I love all that you've provided, and the open-hearted way you come across to us.  What don't I love about you?  For Heaven's Sake!”
  • “You are beyond an inspiration, Shawn.  You are a great, wise, compassionate guide.  The results for me are that relationships are flowing of joy, ease and not being so entangled.  I have a deeper awareness of how our stories get in the way and the how to make inner change with an outer impact."
  • Shawn's focus, "Coming Home to Self-Solidarity" offers practical, reliable steps for how to capitalize (literally) on the intensely private and often harsh self-doubt, fear, regret, defensiveness and even depression that can come up in all relationships, business and any aspect of life.  While the suffering appears to be created outside us, Shawn uses her own coaching and The Work to ensure that you discover a competely reliable way to reliaze this: NO outcome is worse than the ways we criticize, abandon and fail to support ourselves. And that, in this sweet reconciliation, we become who we really are; the unconditional forgiveness and no-matter-what self-advocacy that makes the whole world a safe and connected place to live.
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